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November 13th, 2013, 08:33 PM
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I love statistics like above! Lol. I am a name statistics dork

But, in short, yes. If I loved a name and it had graced our list for a long time and we had reasons for wanting to use it (liking the sound counts, but it would be even better if it meant something to me), then I would use it.

We thought Liam was different and uncommon. We even checked the SSA website when we were selecting his name and found that in April of 2009, Liam had been in 73rd place on the boys list for 2008. We were cool with that. In 2009, it moved 43 places to 30th. In 2010 it moved from 30th to 15th. And in 2011 it moved to the top ten (I think 5th?) and stayed there for 2012. And I bet for 2013 too. Do I wish it were a little less common? Yes. But do I run into 500 Liam's out in public? No. We know a couple of varying ages. But none in his classes. Do I still love it? Yes. I would probably still select it, even if I knew if would rise so quickly.

If the name were my favorite, it would deter me from using it.
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