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November 15th, 2013, 06:05 AM
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Our household currently includes Me, DH, 2 kids, my brother and his wife, and my dad and step mum. My grandmum and my little brother also spend Christmas with us. I'd prefer to do gifts for everyone - doesn't have to be anything super expensive - but everyone else wants to do secret-santa. So yesterday we drew names out of a hat, and I got my dad. He started going to hot-yoga a couple of months ago (so weird to think of my dad doing that) and he's gotten totally into it and hasn't missed a single day since he started. So I'm getting him a yoga mat bag to carry his mat and his water bottle and all that. Right now he's just using a shopping bag, lol. Hopefully he likes it.

I think I'm going to get a set of books for DH, of his favourite webcomic. Apparently he wanted it for his birthday which was just a few weeks after Finn was born, and I totally missed the hint.

Not sure what I'm getting for Finn - it's not like he'll remember this Christmas anyways. I'll probably just get him some new clothes in the next size up and a few new toys.

Fiona is going to ask Santa for a camera - she loves taking pictures and I'm tired of her filling up my phone with pictures of her toes and stuff, lol. I found a cute pink digital camera from vtech that holds like 1000 pictures and has a cable so you can upload them to your computer, and it's durable in case it gets dropped. So that's what Santa is bringing. Fiona asked me if I'd make her some new felt toys, and picked out a camping set out of one of my felt pattern books. It's a few felt logs and fire, a lantern, a compass and pocket knife, and pretend s'mores. So that's what I'm doing for a gift for her.

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