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November 15th, 2013, 11:05 AM
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That's amazing Caroline!!!! See, your daughters are just fantastic You'll be a dance mom too in no time!

Hope you're little one got over his nursing strike. I was very lucky to not have to deal with it with Cam...he just has a general love of food. Even now, our DCP comments how much he loves food. But I'm sure he'll hit a strike sometime soon.

So. I go to McMaster on Nov 29. Which sucks because I had to move Cam's 15 month appointment, but at least I already had that day off work. DH is coming with me. We'll get a long indepth 3D ultrasound at 11am, and then at 1:30pm we meet with genetic counsellors. This seems pretty intense for something that typically naturally occurs. I don't know if they sent the initial ultrasound pictures and measurements over or if they were just asked to look at me. I wonder if there's more to be interpreted that the techs here don't know about and that's why they are making me meet with the counsellors or if that's just general practice. It sucks because now I have to wait 2 weeks. And I was just really starting to feel movement (darn anterior placenta!) and really starting to bond, and now I can feel myself pulling away. Scared that he/she will be stillborn (typical outcome for 50% of Trisonomy 18 babies). I wish this wasn't happening.
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