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November 15th, 2013, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by jessmgt View Post
For the mommy who had both an ectopic pregnancy and an inuterine pregnancy at the same time, wow! I'm glad your DD was not affected by the surgery, and I'm glad you were able to carry her through to the end!!
To answer your first question, the only time we were really careful about pregnancy was after #1 ( which failed obvisouly) and after #2 and we did pretty good. Then after #3 and that was our longest and last break.

Regarding the heterotopic pregnancy, Long story but in short when I had my hcg levels tested because of bleeding, they were in the high thousands and although I know this is NOT always an indicator of twins, it was very ABnormal for ME. so I knew...but no doctor agreed with me that it could be twins. When I went in for emergency surgery about a week later, they had no clue I had a second pregnancy in my uterus. was nt til about 10 days later that I WENT to the ER cause of issues and AFTER they did another hcg that they thought something was up. Later that night I went in for an ultrasound where it was confirmed.

Yes this is a rare happening, and thanks to god for the blessing because it was a horrible experience to go through. BTW..this all happened while we were living in the UK.

and DD3 had no problems and was not affected by the surgery and I was under general anatesia. and very heavy pain meds
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