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November 15th, 2013, 01:54 PM
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After this cycle I will be taking all of those things as well (already taking most of them). The only other things on my list are wheatgrass juice which I'm already doing and a product called Fertiligreens.

I'm switching my folic acid supplement out for a methylfolate one. I've also heard 1c of green tea/day can be beneficial but not sure I'll add that one yet or not .

I don't think your caloric intake is an issue. As long as your bmi is in a healthy range, you're not dropping weight unrealistically fast, and the foods you're consuming are nutritionally dense (lol, as in not 1300 cals worth of pop, chips, and a burger ) then it shouldn't impact your fertility. If you are concerned you could easily add a healthful 200 more calories by eating 6oz of wild-caught salmon (not from China), 2tbsp hummus on a rice cake, organic low-fat cheese with a few olives, or plain greek yogurt with organic honey . It shouldn't break your diet and would add valuable amounts of protein needed for good egg growth.

I could talk nutrition all day, lol, sorry ! I dropped out of college to get married but my major was dietetics...hoping to finish that degree someday .

Thinking of you always ♥
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