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November 15th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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With Kailey it dawned on me around 4pm when my SIL came in the front door for a visit and asked how I was that I was having regular contractions all morning (and I lost my MP that morning too). I naturally assumed my labor would become active whenever it was ready so just kept on doing my own thing. I sat on JM, cooked, ate, sat on birth bath, watched COPS with DH. Kinda got intense around 12 or 2am, can't remember. At 5amish I thought water broke, got in the bath and called MW.

Family came over and we all just chilled and watched tv.

With Nola I had prodromal labor for 2 days off and on for hours and they were really strong. I slept, called into work, cooked, cleaned the heck out of Kailey's room and finally mopped the kitchen floor around 5pm I think on 3.19.2009 and then they started coming annoyingly again so I laid on the couch until active labor at 10 or 12, can't remember.

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