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November 16th, 2013, 09:21 AM
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I am 14 weeks today! officially second trimester. I'm going to celebrate by buying maternity pants Even my roomiest ones are not cutting it anymore, and the Bella Band is a hassle.

It was actually a really hard week- Nov 8 was the anniversary of the D&C from my first loss. Plus, I went from WEEKLY ultrasounds with the RE... to monthly visits with my OB. I saw her on Oct 31, then had my NT scan on 11/4, but that was almost 2 weeks. I know it sounds dramatic but it was a big change. That combined with the angelversary, milestone, learning the gender, and first trimester symptoms lessening- I lost it this week.

Yesterday I had a meltdown and called my OB's office- there's no way I was going to make it until my next appt Nov 27 without knowing baby is okay. They were so sweet- told me I could come in, and the dr on call would do a doppler check. So I did go in, and lo and behold my OB herself was in (she's usually not on Fridays) and she gave me an ultrasound! It was AWESOME to see my baby girl! She loves to move! Crossing and uncrossing her little legs, stretching her arms overhead. I feel so, so much better.

I'm also going to resume visits with the therapist I was seeing after my second loss and through my third. I really liked her and think I can benefit from finding more ways to manage my anxiety.
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