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November 16th, 2013, 08:20 PM
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I am about 6 weeks along and just found out I had low progesterone as well. My wasn't as low as yours so I am only doing the oral progesterone but I was worried as well. This is my third pregnancy. My first two resulted in miscarriages so needless to say I am worried about every little thing. My miscarriages were a result of a clotting disorder so I am on Lovenox with this pregnancy. When the nurse called after my first lab draw and told me about the low progesterone I freaked because now I had to worry about this too. The nurse informed me that this is very common and a lot of women have to take progesterone, especially during the first trimester. I know it's scary but it should hopefully give you some piece of mind since they found out early and you are on the supplements. I hope this helps and gives you a little piece of mind :-)
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