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November 18th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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My eldest has Autism, and with her it is just sticking to things. We had to remind her every time she pottied for months before she remembered to turn off the bathroom light and close the door on her own. She used to throw fits because she wasn't used to it. Not part of the routine. She would do it every time, but not without screaming while it was being done.

My family has a lot of Autism in it, and I know from experience that those with it are very me me me. They are selfish and really lack when it comes to empathy. It's like living with an alcoholic. It's hard to not be constantly frustrated with them, they really can't help it.

The only advice I can really give is to not get upset and stick to it. You will be repeating things A LOT. Alice will throw fits if I ask her to do anything, but I expect it. She never lets me down. But then sometimes she'll do something like pick all the toys up all on her own, and we see that it's sinking in. Slowly, but surely. Just try to understand Autistic people just don't feel the same way neurotypical people do. They may be angry all the time or flighty...may think, inappropriately, certain things are a big joke. It just is. She'll grow and learn to deal with things better. She'll get there eventually. It'll be slower than normal, but it will happen. Just pick your battles.

I know it's probably extra frustrating right now for you. I just got finished with a pregnancy. Everything is harder when you are pregnant!

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