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November 19th, 2013, 08:21 AM
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We never really got into to Santa, partly because we always open presents before Christmas, we always have a "christmas at home" day and because we have church on Christmas day and then spend the day and the next at our family's places.
Instead of doing one stocking with a whole bunch of stuff all at once, the kids get 1 thing in there about 5 times...fuzzy socks, lip balm, shower gel, candy, they like the surprise of finding stuff in there.

As far as gifts we do 2 or 3. We draw names within our family, and you have to do random acts of kindness for your person. The dollar amount is about $20 per person. Then they each get a gift from their dad and I, and we used to do gifts that were fun for everyone, like a game or whatnot. I usually do try to have something in there like a wii game they've wanted, so it's fun to play with for everyone.

On my side of the family all the cousins draw names, and the adults draw names. The older kids get gift cards from my parents for clothes usually, and the youger kids still get a present.

Inlaws give me $20 per kid to buy something for them. I suggested that all of us in the family draw names this year, which didn't go over. Too bad, because if you draw names and go out and find something for your person, it's a little more about giving. Now they're just on the receiving end. But anyways. At least no one is over the top about Christmas gifts, I do like to have fun with it, but we are not extravagant. AND, I've been taking my girls clothes shopping after Christmas for a few years now, I'd rather that than spend more just to have it be under the tree.
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