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November 19th, 2013, 11:12 AM
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22 weeks 2 days

Thank you everyone for popping in and for your well wishes I am officially back in the UK albeit not been on JM much as i'm trying to sort stuff out as well as getting back into work!

The wedding was an amazing day, everything went to plan AND the honeymoon was fantastic - just the break we both needed. I promise to share more details and photos in due course but I'm just too tired at the moment lol. There have been some photos posted on fb for those of you who i'm friends with on there

Our 20week appointment went great, LO is still a boy! Growing big and strong, everything looked good (they checked his brain and organs and bone length etc). I met with a junior doctor (not the consultant as i expected but I went with the theory that they're obviously not too worried about my pregnancy if they're sending me a trainee!). The Doc was nice and explained that due to my history of arthiritis which was auto-immune they want me to have an extra scan at 32 weeks (end of jan) just to check that baby is growing nicely. Other than that, I also booked the appointment to have my GTT - christmas eve - lucky me!

We got some more photos, he was laid face up and head down (i have an anterior placenta)

Otherwise, i'm still having some sickness - although its usually first thing in a morning now and pretty manageable with my medication. My bump is definately growing - I finally had to cave and go buy some maternity trousers for work today. I have photos of bump too which I shall share soon but there is no mistaking i'm pregnant now! I'm feeling more and more movement each week, I had two huge kicks whilst we were on holiday but we've still not felt any from the outside - I cant wait for DH (!) to feel a kick / punch, he's taken to talking to my belly now which is so cute!

We're planning on doing the majority of our baby shopping in the new year so I get to spend the next few weeks writing a big wish list

Anyway..more another day. I'm pooped and need to go sort some food.

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