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November 19th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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When I was little, every Christmas Eve we'd go to my grandmother's house and an uncle would dress up as Santa and make us open the presents while sitting in his lap. With my immediate family, Marcos is the first grandchild so we don't have any of our own traditions yet but I'm sure we could probably splurge on a santa suit and make my brother or BIL do it.

When I was 4, we moved from an apartment to a house and my mom said I was super excited cause the house had a chimney, so I thought that Santa would be able to go down it and through the wood stove in the basement. My mom had been keeping the gifts hidden in the basement and one day I caught her bringing them upstairs and started asking her questions about it, so she said that she saw Santa in the basement and he gave her the gifts and went back up the wood stove through the chimney. She said I cried all afternoon about why she didn't tell me he was there so that I could see him too. hahaha
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