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November 20th, 2013, 02:18 AM
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It was a wonderful experience. Not only was there an IBCLC there, but she had two students along with her. The three women were so kind to me, and not judgmental at all. (I say this, because my WIC LC was always so quick to tell me how wrong everything was - such as pumping and giving a bottle while out and about.) Anyway, at first they listened to our BFing story and then got a starting weight on Colton. I then fed him, and they helped with some positioning to help my arms get a rest. They also observed his latch and saw how he kept breaking suction and coming off the breast as well as his limited lip flange. After feeding, we weighed him again. He had only consumed an ounce after aprx a 30 min feed. They then did an oral exam and confirmed the upper lip tie, and also felt what may be a tongue tie. She said she felt a small band, but wants an ENT to assess it for sure. I then fed him on the other side and they were able to help me position him in a slightly downward way, so his head is tilted up like drinking from a glass. This cut the pain drastically! I mean seriously... without the shield it usually feels like he's going to slice my left nipple right off. After this adjustment there was hardly any discomfort.

So here's what they said after all the observations. It appears as though his lip tie is impairing his feeding. They suspect the possible tongue tie is also contributing. He is having to work far too hard to get the milk out, and is clearly not getting much out even then. His weight is also on the low end, not worrisome yet, but borderline. Due to this they want me to supplement with pumped milk throughout the day.

BFing plan:
Adjust positioning as shown, breaking suction if latch is painful. Utilizing nipple shield as needed.
Keep using paced bottle feeding method (we have been doing this anyway)
Try giving 0.5-1.0 oz by bottle prior to nursing a few times daily
Try pumping for a few minutes after feedings as many times a day as possible
Set up an assessment with an ENT
Continue with craniosacral therapy

The supplementation with pumped milk is supposed to serve two purposes. One, he'll be getting more milk and therefor gain weight better. Two, it will give him a break from having to work so hard so he'll have more energy for growing and developing. I'm not too worried about him preferring the bottle over breast. Even though he does eat from it faster, he doesn't seem to really want it. He wants the boob. I think it's the closeness and the snuggles that he loves

I have a follow up next Monday to see how things are going.

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