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November 20th, 2013, 07:19 AM
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Do you cry when you dice onions? Yes, depending on what kind they are.... I love onions.

What movie/song/book has made you cry recently? Ummm not watched recently

On an aggravation scale of 1-10, with 1 being not at all and 10 being the worst, How much do other children's cries bother you? It totally depends on the situation... if my girls are whining trying to get their way after I have said no, it can get on my nerves quick. Although I have to say I can tune a whole lot out... SO often says to me, "don't you hear that, does that not bother you?" well four kids later, not really, lol.

Do you believe that Boys don't cry? Boys should if they need to... I have seen SO cry a few times. I have only seen my dad cry 3 times. He was raised that boys don't cry... I think it adversely affects them to be raised that way.... just my opinion.

Have you ever used CIO (cry it out)? Would you ever consider CIO? I agree this is a touchy topic. This is merely my own opinion!!! As babies I do not believe in allowing them to cy it out, I believe if they cry they need something even if it is just to know you are near and they are not alone. We do not use it, I feel it causes security issues that can spill over into later life. That said, as they get older 3-4 yo, if they fling themselves in a tantrum bec they don't get their way, I will leave them to their fit provided they are safe from harm. Those usually pass quicker with less attention given.
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