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November 20th, 2013, 08:14 AM
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I think most of you know Megan is in beauty school. Her financial aid office lady is driving us crazy.

Just so you understand, they are paid based on hours. After so many hours they can receive money and the school get's paid. I've worked in the financial office of a beauty school, so I get how this works.

When we first applied we figured (well the school really), that she can get up to $3,000 extra, above her loans. This get's paid out in 500 hour increments. Except the first check which should come within 30 days. We decided to have her do it because even though we are supporting her, she needs to have some money in her pocket and she should help out her siblings where she can. She lives with them rent free 5 days a week, and they feed her.

She didn't get her first check, their reasoning was weird. Then her second was supposed to be $800, and she got $400. Okay not a big deal, except she did owe Lupan money for buying her a car (dad went in on it to). Now 2 weeks ago she get's told that her check will be close to $1300. She get's $400. She had plans for some of that money, and I told her I wanted her to go buy groceries for Sam since she's been there all month. Plus she was really, really excited about getting to Christmas shop for everyone.

Here's the kicker. This made no sense, so I made her go back and ask what is up?

When she applied, they assume, and don't tell you this, that she will miss days, and not be there everyday. So the loans are basically done on a longer time frame. She went back and took out an extra $600, but she either has to take a 3 week leave or pay that back before they will give her her diploma.

She's actually being penalized for going to school everyday, and if she's not careful she goes into overtime, which means even more money.

After talking we are going to figure out how many days she can miss a month, and then she's just going to miss those days. The good news is now when there is snow on the ground, or ice or sleet, she won't have to walk to school if she doesn't want to. She was a little worried about that, but now she doesn't have to be.

I've had a problem with some of their crazy stupid rules, and then this? Just strange. Why not set it up with the expectation that your students will be there everyday, and then adjust as needed?
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