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November 20th, 2013, 11:49 AM
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Has there been anyone who did not vaccinate for something and got that disease? How bad was it, if so?
I was vaccinated according to schedule in the 80's. My brother and I got the measles twice from the vaccine. My mom was told it was 2 different types of measles. My bro has crohn's and I reviewed Doctor Wakefields research on measles and crohns so I am leary.

My 9 month old has not been vaccinated. I did get talked into the oral Vitamin K and he got jaundice. When I got home from the hospital I read online that the two were linked. hmmm.

Ok. So I got a new ped and took my son to him yesterday and he said that me getting the measles twice from the vaccine is a 1 and billion chance and so for my brother to get it to we would have been a CDC reported case. huh? He did admit there are two types of measles and one of them you do get from the vaccine.

Anyway just curious. I am starting to feel the pressure to get some vaccines over others. I don't want to give them but they always give you all the worst case stats.
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