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November 20th, 2013, 01:07 PM
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Well, sometimes when you change the way you loose ( diet ) it can help stir up a quicker loss. Maybe trying to eat more carbs and then a day of sugar and then go really strick on whatever.?!

I DO know its possible to lose 5 even sometimes 10lbs in a week. it usually doesnt stay that rapid because as mentioned a lot of it can be extra fluid retention. BUT it does count as the scale continues to go down.

GOOD JOB MIL and ME and ANYONE that is losing!! dont get discouraged and keep up the good work!!!!


FW---sorry about the gain BUT it could be extra water retained and will come out ...or I know me when AF is coming I gain a few pounds, but they come right back off when it starts. Dont get discouraged I did like your sense of humor though in finding the lost pounds!!
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