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November 20th, 2013, 06:39 PM
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Hello I hope I'm in the right place!!! I am also in the due date club for May 2014... I am a SAHM of a 5 yr old little girl.. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant and have bad anxiety.. I use to go to therapy but got pregnant missed appointment and got kicked out for a few months.. I'm not dealing with this well, I didn't get to learn how to cope with my anxiety.. My issues are being alone with my daughter or alone in general.. I get freaked out if my daughter says her belly hurts.. I instantly get sick and have to run to the bathroom (not actually throw up)!!! I don't have faith in myself and always thing I'm a bad mom for it!!! I feel like I shouldn't be this way!!! I had a chemical pregnancy and thing something is always wrong.. I get weird stretching cramps and can't remember if it's normal or not.. I don't sleep much from waking up to use the bathroom or uncomfortable or my nerves and anxiety. Always wondering if everything is ok.. My mom lives with us to help out at night DH works 2nd shift... I don't like him working nights at all.. I feel like this is when I need him more!!! My obgyn wants to put me on something but I'm scared for the baby!!!! But I know I need it!!!! Hoping someone can help!!

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