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November 21st, 2013, 09:16 AM
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Hello ladies,

I really appreciate you four taking the time to express concern about me and my crazy family. We are all doing very well and darion is still a super happy, funny baby. He has started waving at everyone, even people on TV so that's his new thing now. That is as long as strangers don't come up to him and try to talk to him since he will just start screaming . *lol* He doesn't play around with the stranger thing.

He is getting REALLY big though and is developing well. He consistently will sign for diaper change and milk now so that helps a lot and keeps him from crying for those things. He has also started walking forward in his walker for some time now.. but he likes to mix it up with some backwards ramming into my walls to keep things interesting. He is definitely his fathers child. *L*

I gave him one of those "My first sippy cups" and he seems ok with it. More because he can grip the handle and bang the cup on things with a greater ease than he can do with his baby bottle. I sat him in his high chair with that thing and he entertained himself for nearly an hour just laughing and banging the cup on the tray. Not much milk drinking took place though.

As far as me I'm doing well. Its an extremely busy time of year for my business so I've been concentrating on my work when I'm online.

Anyway, that's the major recap. Darion's most recent picture is on my signature. Thank you guys so much for being kind enough to inquire. It does mean a lot to me so I appreciate it.

How are you guys doing lately? Cortney how is life in your own castle?
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