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September 13th, 2006, 12:08 PM
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Since I will be having my tubal reversal for reasons other than to have a baby, I'm sure my friends and family would support me should I ever become PG again. If I were to tell them I was having a reversal so I could have a baby, I'm sure I'd be admonished for it. What really bothers me is how other people have so much to say about it...but really...are they the ones who will be taking care of the child? Are they the ones who will financially support this child? They act like we have children - but THEY will be the ones raising them! I can say from my own perspective, my parents and sisters were always supportive of each of my pregnancies. It was my very own cousins who tried to convince me to abort each pregnancy after my first. As strong as I stand on being anti-abortion, they did their best to try to convince me that I shouldn't have a baby. Their reasons? Because I already had my figure back from having my first child and having a baby would mean they saw less of me.


I've learned that no matter what...the only thing that matters is what YOU want. YOU will be the one taking care of the baby, not them. And perhaps it's good to question these "nay-sayers" as to why YOUR baby would be such a burden on them and why they have such a problem with it.

It is really frustrating how other people can be so discouraging at times! All we can do is keep going...
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