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November 21st, 2013, 12:56 PM
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Wow-thanks for the comment. I just need someone to tell me what I am doing is ok. The peds always make it sound like you are risking your child's life.

Both times we had the measles we stayed home and rested until we were better. Neither time we were hospitalized. We were not babies though either. We were 4 (after the second buster).

Have you ever done any breastfeeding education? I did lactation training in a former job and I learned that in the colostrum mom passes on antibody's to every disease she has ever had. So essentially since I had the measles my baby would get better resistance from nursing than a vaccine anyway...right? IDK.

I also think it is good to get these disease as a child like the chicken pox (I had them) but now nobody has them anymore so how would your child even get them as a child? I know they are horrible as an adult.

I honestly don't believe in any vaccines but like any mom I don't want my child to get sick so I second guess myself.
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