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November 21st, 2013, 01:36 PM
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mine actually begins, technically, last december. Nate and i had broken up so i had gone off the pill in november. we had completely unprotected sex in the beginning of december after i'd been off the pill for about 2 weeks. when my monthly didn't come right away i got super paranoid. we go 2 years with me skipping pills (so i didn't get a monthly) and NOW this happens? i didn't tell anyone what i feared. i was experiencing nausea, fatigue, and food aversion, but now i think it was because i was so upset about the breakup. we reconciled in january. i told him my fears around the time of my second missed monthly. we decided to wait one more month before worrying (putting me at 3 months along). in february, i got my monthly. i hadn't gone back on the pill because we were afraid if i was pregnant, the hormones would negatively affect the baby. so when we dtd to celebrate our non-pregnant status, all we were using was a condom, which broke. they'd broken every time we'd used them and never had an issue so we didn't worry until i miss my monthly again in march. we assumed i was still regulating from being off the pill. then april came and went without one. we were going to wait until i missed my may monthly, but a fair had come to our town the weekend of may 10/11/12. Nate was concerned that if i was pregnant riding the rides would hurt our baby, so i took a pregnancy test on the 9th to prove i wasn't. turns out i was. luckily, it rained that weekend, so no one in my family questioned why i stayed home from the fair.

during the past three months though i had awful nausea, headaches, i was clammy and pale all the time- i was a wreck. finally, my mom sat me down and said, "either you're pregnant, or dying. i made an appointment for you to see your doctor this friday." that was the monday after the fair. i had already known i was pregnant for 5 days now. i went to the doctor and in the parking lot i calmly told her, "i know how this is going to go. we're going to walk in and i am going to describe my symptoms. the doctor will ask me if i'm pregnant. i will say yes, you will remain calm, and we will go to mcdonald's after." she started crying. we went in anyway, hoping the doctor could at least prescribe me prenatals. since i was 17 and seeing a pediatrician still, he couldn't, but he called my ob for me and set up an appointment for monday. we didn't get mocdonald's.

the next monday, Nate, my mom and i went to my ob for a checkup. i had never had an internal, and i had to have 3 months' worth of test and blood draws done. after all that, the doctor said, "ok, i'll have the tech meet you all in room whatever". so we all went to the room and it was the ultrasound room. we were shocked. they told us since i'd gone 3 months without any care, they just wanted to make sure the baby was growing they way s/he should. our baby was so clear on the ultrasound. we could see little body parts starting to form. i was in awe. i had already told my family over the weekend, but i posted pictures from our sonogram to facebook, and that's how most everyone else found out.
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