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November 21st, 2013, 07:49 PM
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At this point, those symptoms could be either. But if you get achy, a fever, and chills...mastitis. Generally clogged ducts that don't come unclogged become mastitis. Someone told me (maybe on here) to nurse in a new position to unplug the clog (like football hold if you usually cradle, side-lie if you typically football hold). So you might still have time to get it unclogged. But some are stubborn.

Not all women get a definable clogged area. I don't. I just randomly get chills and a fever and it's here. So you might not be able to "access" the clog through manual compression (mine are too deep in my breasts to feel). So try various nursing positions. But if the fever comes, call a doc. It does sound like you are on your way to mastitis. I get it all the way til I'm done nursing (haven't with Jo, yet!). So it's not only at the beginning of nursing.

Oh, and sorry It stinks.
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