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November 22nd, 2013, 10:31 AM
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Ladies, as promised!

Here is our 7 week ultrasound, GingerBean was head-down and you can just see the arm and leg buds

* * * * *

GingerBean at 12 weeks - the first is a profile shot that took forever to get, and the second two pictures are how baby was facing for the majority of the ultrasound.

Baby Profile - 12 weeks

Baby Facing the Ultrasound - 12 weeks
(you can see two little hands and two little feet as well as the face!)

Baby Close Up! - 12 weeks

I felt like such a bad mommy though b/c I kinda thought the face was a little scary to look at but now I just think it's so facinating! You can see the soft part of the cranium, where the nose is forming, cheek bones and the mouth

* * * * * * * *

Here we are at 21 weeks! So hard to believe - it looks like she has my nose

GingerBean Profile - 21 weeks

Gingerbean covering her face with her hand

I saw on the monitor that she's gone from having an alien face to having an angry Skeletor face, lol! So now I can't wait for the 3D scan in March when I can finally see how cute her face actually is

* * * * * * * *

29 Weeks - 3D Ultrasound Pics!!!

Here's our little GingerBean in all her chubby-cheeked glory

All of our pictures look a little fuzzy - the 3D tech said it was because I was 29 weeks and a smaller person, GingerBean was head down and really low in my pelvic region. So all of the mages of her face had to be taken at almost a downward angle - as opposed to straight on (if she was higher up in my abdomen or sitting upright in there).

But here's a couple more, including one where she was blocking the camera with her hand

Once again I feel like a bad mommy because I was a little frightened and more than a little concerned by the appearance of her nose in the majority of the images we looks like she's got a large hump on the bridge of her nose. So of course I frantically googled 3D/4D Ultrasound distortions to see if it was normal for noses to look big, or squished, or malformed...and I feel a little better

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