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November 22nd, 2013, 12:49 PM
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This post is weird timing because DH and I just talked about this yesterday. The conclusion we came to was once Toren gets here we will pull and pray and track ovulation. We aren't done having babies so if we had a surprise it wouldn't be bad. I'm just hoping DH doesn't give me a surprise purposely without me being ready yet (I know he wants kids super close in age, we both do, but my body needs a break).

Then, once we are DONE I asked DH if he would get the snip and he said no. It scares him.... but getting my tubes tied scares me too so I see where he is coming from. I do wish he would take one for the team. I could go back on the pill but it makes my hormones wacky and depending on the pill sometimes it makes me gain weight (not cool). I don't want to get fat and emotional, well, more than I already am. I guess we will see if either one of us changes our mind on the more permanent solution.

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