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November 22nd, 2013, 03:57 PM
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Dead. Avery was up every stinking hour last night from 1130pm-5am. On the plus side though I made her nurse every time she opened her eyes. Lol Started running a temp of 100.5 all night and was really nauseated and achy with a headache and breast pain. I tried a shower this morning but with the holidays next week I went ahead and made an appt to get it checked. My OB didnt have any openings so I had to go to my PCP. They obviously didn't deal with this very often. They gave me Keflex and said if it happens again to call my OB. But the NP also told me not to nurse on the affected side and just pump and dump that one. Umm I dont make enough to dump milk and she's been nursing on it without problems. Should I be pumping that side or just keep nursing like I'm doing?

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