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November 23rd, 2013, 05:28 PM
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I was a regular poster on JM for a while but took a break while ttc #2 because I was driving myself crazy thinking about it after almost a year. I got a bfp and after spotting on and off for weeks, I asked for a viability scan at 9 weeks in May. We found that growth had stopped at 6 weeks, which is the same thing that happened with the pregnancy before my DD was born. The midwife prescribed misoprostol which I took without much effect other than a day of heavy bleeding. After months of bleeding on and off and positive pregnancy tests, the midwife sent me to one of the OBs at the practice. After doing a series of betas in October that showed my hcg was going up and down, I finally had a D&C in the middle of October. Having it drag on so long was really hard on me emotionally but after the D&C I was finally doing better. I'm in my 2nd cycle on birth control because the dr wanted us to wait 3 cycles before ttc. I logged into lilypie the other night to make a WTTC ticker and found my old pregnancy ticker. It made me realize I was due in just 3 weeks and now I'm feeling upset all over again. I'm going back and forth about ttc because I honestly don't know if I, and my family, can handle another year like this one.

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