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November 23rd, 2013, 05:46 PM
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My first was a very painful labor the entire time. I had back labor that was unreal. My doula has been my life saver during both labors. I for sure could have not made it without her during my first. I wanted drugs by the end but luckily i was at a birth center. Having someone knowlegdeable at your labor will help you immensely. My hubby didn't know what to do. My doula led him and made it an interactive experience for him.

My second labor went MUCH better because my hubby knew what to do and my doula was there as well. We labored pretty peacefully up until transition. It hurt yes, but it was still calm and relaxing. I never felt out of control even with this labor being longer. Now, transition hurt like hell!!! But it was only an hour thank God!!! I'll never tell people labor is pain free. For me it's not! But it can be managed without drugs.
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