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November 24th, 2013, 12:11 PM
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27 weeks, 5 days

Holy crap. Only 12.5 weeks left.

Symptoms: Movement, RLP, tiny bladder, huge and heavy boobs/nipples, little leaking

Weight: I'm up 1 lb from my last appointment, still down like 12 lbs though...

Gestational Diabetes: They put me on glyburide. A small dose before bed. So far, it seems to be working and keeping my fasting levels stable.

I've pretty much got my after meal numbers regulated. Still discovering a few things that set me off. But seriously doing well. If I don't eat my morning snack (usually almonds and unsweetened applesauce or yogurt), then my after lunch number is sky high... Crazy, huh?

Cravings: peanut butter, eggs, water, kisses, almonds, cinnamon rolls.

Aversions: chilli, chicken, pumpkin things (I don't like them normally, but that's been exacerbated now...)

Baby Update: She moves all the time and I can tell she's getting so much stronger! I was in the bath on Tuesday and I looked down and saw my belly moving. It was creepy and amazing. Now Brian and I are obsessed with watching my belly move with our sweet little girl on it.

DH Update: He's been extremely helpful lately. I'm so in love with him...

Appointments: So... I went in on the 15th. My blood pressure was high to start with. My dr was worried. She did blood panels to check kidney and liver function and she ordered a 24-hour urine collection. She's super worried about pre-eclampsia. I'm PROUD to report that all the tests came back completely NORMAL!!!! WOOHOO!!! Next appointment is on Wednesday, 11/26. I will request that they ask me all their questions, etc BEFORE they take my blood pressure. I think part of the problem is that I always feel in a rush to get to the appointment, so I'm a little high strung by the time we get there. Hopefully giving me some time to calm down will help my readings.

Other News: The preschool teacher is so close to popping! There's a chance they'll induce her this week. So, I'll be starting my long-term sub position and I'm EXCITED! The kids are a handful, but it will give my schedule some much needed stability and consistency.
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