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November 25th, 2013, 09:35 AM
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only 2 different grades to deal with during the day school but each pretty different lessons. with DD1 I quiz her on the list of spelling words and also help her with her reading that requires me to fill in 5 circles that say she read and then signatures.

Plus she sometimes needs a little help with reading the math equations so with her its about 30 mins a day or more depending. Then DH is addressing the night school homework.

DS4 being only in K, he is memorizing sounds and counting to hundred by 1's 5's 10's ect and then I give word of the week to write a few times and a couple of other activities. Plus his reading log---he is not able to read yet ( only site words ) so I mostly read to him and have him read the words he knows or find books that focus on those site words.

SO for him its about the same , then DH handles his night schoool as well as DD2's night school.

so an hour a day give or take doesnt seem like very much to me. but seems to be the norm.
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