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September 13th, 2006, 01:12 PM
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After we found out baby #2 was a boy everyone said "oh now you have a boy and a girl - the perfect family - you can stop." So whenever we start ttc #3 (probably next spring/summer) I am not going to say a I'll just announce my pregnany at the 13 week mark and let people think whatever they want.[/b]

Good idea! Just tell the one's you know will be supportive of you, otherwise they may be a little hurt that you didn't tell them!

After I became PG with my third child, I told the entire family! Of course, my cousins were not supportive of it, but my parents and sisters were. After hearing my cousins talk for so long, telling me I am making a poor decision by having the baby... I had a placental abruption. I ended up losing the baby 3 weeks later, at 16.5 weeks. My cousins sure were quiet then! It just really hurt.

So when I became PG with my fourth child, I decided to not tell anyone. I knew I was at risk of another placental abruption, so I wanted to wait until I was in the clear to tell everyone. I tried to keep it from my Mom, but I didn't have the heart to. I knew she would support me and be there for me, so I went ahead and told her and my father, as well as my sisters. I asked them to not tell anyone else in the family either, and let them know why. My parents/sisters respected my decision but were overjoyed that I trusted their love enough, to know they would support me...and therefore telling them of the pregnancy. I, too, am thankful I did because I sure needed their emotional support just weeks later...

As nature would have it, I had another placental abruption with that pregnancy, this time at 12 weeks. I was in the hospital, had to take a leave of absence from work and was put on bed rest for 2 weeks. So of course everyone put 2 & 2 together and figured it out that I was PG. My parents/sisters were there for me the entire time. My cousins...their mouths were still shut. Nothing was said to me, but it was said behind my back and they many times said "see...I told you she shouldn't have babies." I ended up having a healthy, full term baby girl and tied my tubes a year after her birth.

If after my tubal reversal I do get PG, I will handle it much like I did my last pregnancy. I will tell my parents/sisters, as well as my husbands parents/sisters...but for my extended family, I'm not sure that I even care to inform them.
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