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November 25th, 2013, 06:11 PM
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First of all, your other children are going to be largely led by your emotions about this pregnancy. You're excited, over the moon in fact, about this new little baby. And they will be too. They are at great ages to really have a blast with this baby and to take an active role in nurturing him or her. I would say though that you should probably introduce your new man soon. He obviously is super happy and excited to be part of your new baby's life, so your older kids should slowly get to know him.

As for what others might say? Don't base your decisions about your son or daughter on whether or not you're going to get the stink eye from great aunt Jane. This is a tiny life and your precious child, it's not really about their approbation, especially considering that you're a grown woman with a career and children of your own. Besides, no one can resist a sweet little baby, and whatever they think about the circumstances they're not going to hold it against you.

Aborting your baby when both you and your partner are very excited about this little growing life inside you just to keep your extended family in the dark about when you started your new (and exciting and happy) relationship doesn't make sense and will leave you unhappy and feeling guilty. Instead, I say move forward. You're getting a divorce, leave the past behind and make a fresh start with this new child and your new man. Your kids will be delighted and it will give this new family something to form a deep bond over.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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