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November 25th, 2013, 09:46 PM
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In my experience, kids that age won't really understand all the emotional ins and outs of a pregnancy nor the social climate. They will follow your cues. Honestly, it probably won't even dawn on the oldest one that a new baby is coming until you're a few weeks out from your due date. Just prepare him/her for sharing time/space with a new baby. Your youngest will want attention and assurance that you still love them. And then they'll want to play with the baby right away, lol. The biggest things your kids need from you is consistency, security, and love. Reassure them that their basic needs will be met. That you are there for them. They'll need time to readjust once the baby is here but they'll work it out.

My advice is to just slow down. You don't need to involve anyone else in what is going on until later. Finish your divorce proceedings. Get the kids settled and calmed. Make sure that you and your new partner are on solid footing. And then let people know. People will react better if you present a firm and well thought out plan. That way if they say something nasty you can just shrug it off. You've got this.

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