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November 26th, 2013, 07:44 AM
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Ugh, your doctors are making me so mad! Mine might admit they don't think it is going to matter, but if I wanted them to check my progesterone, they would check it. They at least have you on progesterone right? Lovenox is for clotting? If it makes you feel any better, clotting disorders don't usually cause issues until a little farther in the first trimester when the placenta is getting up and running. My doctor explained it that it has to do with the thicker blood not making it through the smaller vessels in the placenta to the baby. My best friend has that condition and had multiple miscarriages around the 9 - 11 week time period because of it. I'll have to ask her when they started her on medication for her successful pregnancies. Have they tested you for clotting disorders? I lost all 4 of my babies between 6 - 9 weeks and was tested but didn't have any issues and was told at that early in the game, it was more likely an issue with the actual egg and implantation and not me.

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