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November 26th, 2013, 10:44 AM
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aww Jennifer, sweet about your uncle, sad too

yay Oscar! we rock! it is always nice to hear from a professional that your kids is doing a-ok!!

and yes it is hilarious and gross about Sam lol boys! I don't get it haha. that being said I am glad they got it out and his nose isn't funky anymore, yuck! he is getting a new set of ear tubes on the 18th and the ENT is going to also nasal scope him while he is under to just make sure it is all out of there, he said if the smell is gone it is likely all out but just want to be sure. PSA of the week if your kids nose stinks it is likely because they shoved something up there haha. The ENT said he sees kids with all kinds of things in their noses, sometimes things that have been up there for a long, long time blechhhhhhhh

Thanksgiving shopping is done, just working on house clean up and prepping. My parents arrive tomorrow, of course the weather is supposed to be really crappy, booooo hopefully it doesn't interfere with their travels.
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