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November 26th, 2013, 01:53 PM
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I have a similar anomaly. My uterus is bicornuate and the split goes almost all the way to the cervix.
After over a year and a half of trying to conceive, I finally got pregnant in January of this year, only to have a miscarriage at around 8 weeks. It wasn't until after I got pregnant that the doctors saw the bicornuate uterus.
I ended up having to have a D&C and only 3 months later (and not even trying) I found out I was pregnant again! I'm now 24 weeks pregnant, and about to enter the 3rd trimester soon! The doctors say that everything is looking good, and my little girl is growing perfectly (in the 52nd percentile). There is still lots of room in there for her to grow and move, so everything is really looking great and I'm on track to have a healthy little girl in March
If your uterus ends up being septate, that is really super easy to fix! I wouldn't wish any anomalies on anyone, but of all the ones you could have...I'd hope its that one!!
Good luck getting your rainbow baby!
Welcome baby Lily!! 3/9/14 <3

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