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November 26th, 2013, 07:07 PM
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Nah. I worked in a mall during college and a few years after, and as such I get kinda panicky when shopping in crowds. I *might* look around online. I actually don't do much holiday shopping. My extended family (cousins, etc) doesn't exchange gifts, we don't exchange gifts with my DH's family (we're not super close with them, long story, so I leave that relationship up to him- hence no gifts), and my brother and I don't, either. So really, it's just my mom and DH that I shop for- my dad gets his favorite magazine renewed every year and that's all he wants. I might get something for my brother's new baby. And sometimes I get little things to give friends (scarves, fancy lotions, etc) or ppl like our dog walker and my hairstylist. But that stuff is fun to shop for.

Anyway, short answer is, no, not really
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