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November 26th, 2013, 07:36 PM
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How are you feeling? Emotionally/Physically:
Where are you in your TTC Journey? TTC/WTTC/NTNP:
What are you the most frustrated about right now? Let it out!

Emotionally I am feeling a depressed and trying to cope with my recent loss and all of my losses. Physically still in pain from my pregnancy loss.

We are WTTC/TTC... we are waiting till I am fully recovered and emotionally ready too. Start getting testing done. TTC! Hoping our fifth baby is our healthy rainbow and we get our rainbow soon.

What are you the most frustrated about right now? Let it out!

I am frustrated with my body. I honestly hate my body right now. I should still be pregnant instead of grieving over another loss. I am also frustrated that I can not even enjoy the holidays because I miss my babies so much. I am frustrated because every one I know is either pregnant or have their rainbow. I am frustrated because I want my rainbow already.

My Ovulation Chart

<3 I am missing my sweet baby angels so much. My love for them all will never fade. <3

First M/C loss- 7/8 weeks
Second M/C loss- 4-5 weeks(Chemical)
Third M/C loss- 9 weeks and 4 days
Fourth M/C loss- 10 weeks
Fifth M/C Chemical loss - Late May/ Early June (Chemical Pregnancy/2015)
Sixth Missed Miscarriage @ 18 weeks, Delivered our sweet baby boy Nolan on November 1st at 11:46pm.

~No one else will never know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one that knows what my heart feels like on the inside~
<3 Praying and Hoping that my partner and I will be blessed with our miracle soon. <3
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