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November 27th, 2013, 08:47 AM
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I think it helps to know that birth is just like any other challenging life event. The things that help you get through tough times are often things that will work in labor. I think it would be really important to focus on breath since you know that you have a hard time with it. This one coping technique is not just important because we've all heard about it but because your body is going engaged in physical activity. Your muscles and the baby are working very hard and they can only do this when you provide them with a steady influx of oxygen. By allowing your body oxygen, your muscles will work more efficiently which will help to decrease the pain. It is also helpful to know that as the pain increases, your body has some really wonderful endorphins that rise correspondingly. They are responsible for providing you with pain relief. However, they can not be released you feel scared, panicky, cold or unsafe.
Ultimately, I think it might help to take a look at any and all fears that reside within you regarding this birth. Giving a voice to them helps to gradually break them down. You can have a whole slew of coping mechanisms in your tool box but if you are scared or fearful, they will do little good.
How do you deal with life's problems and how have you gotten through the tougher things life has thrown at you? Capitalize on your strengths and know that your body will not give you more than you can handle.
Best of luck!
Amanda DeAngelis
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