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November 27th, 2013, 08:55 AM
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So yesterday morning I had my appointment with the nutrition counselor to work with me to keep my blood sugar under control. It went well and we worked out a meal plan and I go back and see her in 2 months to see if we need to tweak anything. Because the more pregnant you are the more your hormones cause your sugars to go up.
Then in the afternoon we had the anatomy scan. We went ahead and took DD (she's 10 but looks 13) in hopes they'd let her in. Well the tech said only one of them (DD or DH) could come back with me. So DD had to wait in the waiting room (she played cut the rope and candy crush the whole time). DH went back with me and the tech started off trying to get a good look at my cervix, but my CS scar prevented that so she mentioned she'd probably have to do a vaginal u/s as well to get a look at that (which she did have to do). So after checking out my stuff she started checking on baby girl (she had the screen turned for us the whole time so we could see everything). I guess I was still nervous after all because I still can't look at the screen for the first bit (always worried there won't be a HB). But she was moving around and the HB looked good. She was tucked up though (tech said with her feet above her head!) and the tech kept wiggling my belly to try to get her to move. Well, she moved a lot, but not where the tech wanted her to. Which meant I got to see her a lot, but the tech wasn't happy. DH wanted to go check on DD in the waiting room, but that meant he couldn't come back in. But he got a 10 minute viewing of her and saw all the parts. Including the tech telling us she was a girl (I hope she knew that we already knew or she would have spoiled it if we were team green).
So we don't know how long she is, but the tech said 11 ounces and today I'll try to take pics of the u/s pics to post.
Then since I had been up since 3 am, by the time we got home DH tucked me into bed, and then ended up coming to bed himself, and we took a 2 hour nap.

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