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November 27th, 2013, 04:27 PM
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Well. We kinda got a mixed bag here. We found nothing that would explain Rory's poor eating abilities. Everything on that front came out lovely. Instead, we found out that there is a "vascular compression of the left mainstem bronchus" which basically means that the artery that runs between Rory's heart and his brain is elbowing in on his bronchial stem. It's not severe enough to restrict his airflow or oxygen levels but it is something to run even more tests and studies on to determine if it is something to be fixed surgically.

What I couldn't get out of his doctors was if this was the source of his eating difficulties. What I have read so far suggests that it could obstruct his eating if the compression was enough to bulge into the throat/esophagus. But his GI doctor said that they ran into no obstructions during the scoping which says that no, this is not affecting how he eats.

So, we still have no idea why he isn't eating normally. He will be getting the G-tube in 2 weeks. And now we have to schedule a new shipload of testing and studies and involve more specialists. Awesome. Possum.

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