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September 13th, 2006, 02:15 PM
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Some people do make me feel crazy about having more babies, mostly b/c my kids are so close in age. Plus they just figure i'll have 3 and that's it. My in-laws had 5 kids, so they really don't think we're crazy, my mom however thinks i'm nuts but still of course loves me and supports me, she only had 2 kids, myself and my brother. I had a girl, then a boy, and everyone figured I was done, and were sort of shocked when we annouced we were expecting our 3rd. Everyone figures we'll have a 4th though, since I guess they just realize we'll have as many as WE want, not what everyone else wants. However, we have the money to support them, if we didn't no way woul dI have any more children. Nothing bothers me more to see someone who doesn't have the moeny to take care of the kids she already has trying to have more. We have a large enough home for probably 4 kids, any more than 4 might get a little tight. If someone tells me i'm crazy for having more I just look right in their eyes and say "I'm sorry you feel that way, i'll be sure to not make you apart of my baby's life in the future" and that usually shuts them up! hehe

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