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November 28th, 2013, 09:36 AM
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Ok, we had a list of 8 girls names we loved for last baby and this one, due in April. Of course, both the last and this one are boys!

Our daughter is Andie Kathleen (My maiden name: Anderson, my mom's name: Kathleen)

Our son is Frederick (Freddie) Joseph Michael (Frederick is a name that runs in both my family and DH's, Joseph: Dh's dad's middle name. Michael: my dad's middle name).

We are SO stuck on a boys name for this one. We feel we're out of "family names" and we'd like to stick with the "ie" theme if we can.

We have considered:
MacKenzie Christopher (middle name is DH's name)
Thomas (Tommie)
Theodore (Teddie, but that's too much like Freddie)

We have ruled out: Jessie, Scottie, Benjamin (Bennie), Leonard (Lennie).

We're not insisting on an IE name, it would just be nice. More than an IE name, we just want something we both like and we want something traditional, but not too common.

Any suggestions at all would be appreciated!!!!

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