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November 29th, 2013, 03:30 PM
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I completely do not care if my nursing in public bothers anyone anymore. Last night I unexpectedly ended up shopping with baby boy and DH's family. (I swore I wouldn't on thanksgiving, but it was after 8 and we had already spent the day together and we're founding as a family so I caved) Back to the point, LO was doing great bring carried around in his wrap. He merrily went from store to store. Well... Then we ended up at the mall. The very noisy hectic mall. He lost it, complete screaming meltdown that I didn't know infants could have. I knew he wasn't hungry, he was simply overwhelmed. I tried to find a nice calm place to nurse but even the fitting rooms were crazy. So I said screw it, found a bench and whipped out the boobie. He needed the comfort and needed it then. I wasn't going to let modesty or other people's shame of nature interfere with my baby's needs. I strive to let him know I'm there for him and will always take care of him no matter the problem. So I nursed and didn't care that there were gaggles of people walking by.

Then this morning at breakfast he had just finished a bottle but still wanted boobie. DH's dad was on the way and is extremely uncomfortable even when I'm covered with a blanket. Well too bad so sad lol I simply don't care anymore. My son comes first.

This was a massive hurdle for me and I'm so glad I finally conquered it

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