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November 30th, 2013, 04:25 AM
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I would say no need to get bummed until that wench shows up...FX that she detours to France or somewhere far away! I totally saw something in the original second photo then even more so in the tweaked photos. TTC is such a PITA, because I swear my eyes invent stuff that isn't even there, thus causing me to question my sanity! lol Can I have a piece of chocolate and share the couch??? I'll hook up the netflix!

Good Luck Jenny...I'll keep you and your HPT in my prayers! * oh fyi, if you open it at the seam and tear completely apart away from the center, it's not so loud...that's how I do it at 5 am when it's so quiet in my house you can hear a mouse fart in China! LOL!

Edited to add...On your dollar store test...I see something on the inverted photo! I can also see it on the regular photo too. Just throwing that out there.

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