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November 30th, 2013, 04:47 AM
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Hiya Ladies! Hope you don't mind me stopping in and ranting along with you all...I'm still fairly new and trying to get into the groove of things.

So first off I'm FRACKING TICKED off at my body... well partly due to the lack of antibacterial sanitizer at my step son's school! He managed to bring home this God awful virus! It starts with a URI and then when you think you are getting somewhat better, a stomach bug attacks you like no tomorrow and you violently puke for hours on end...This little gem resulted in both my child and my husband in the ER getting nausea meds and IV fluids. Now what is ticking me off about my body you ask...yea, I've got the URI and snotting so bad that my nose could out do Rudoulf! I've been running a fever off and on for the past few days and my temps are all thrown off or I wasn't able to take my temp. Now I can't even see what the heck is going on with my body.

I refused to go shopping Friday, not because of the whole "if you shop on Thanksgiving/Black Friday, you are making a retail worker missout on their family" thing, but because I'd much rather stay at home, snuggled under a blanket, wearing my favorite leggings/shirt, having my coffee, hair a mess, no make up, cyber monday extravaganza because I'd so much rather pay the shipping because it's worth my sanity! LOL! Not to mention, most sites offer free shipping during the holidays. I'd be happier to run into the store, snag adorable wrapping paper, spools of ribbon, bows, tags while I wait for my packages. I can't handle the crowds!

Hope everyone had a happy turkey day and if you did shop, you got great deals! Can't wait to really get to know you all better

Originally Posted by rusticbythesea01 View Post

BD'ed 9 TIMES in my fertile window....what the heck, what are his soldiars doing in there? There were more than enough to get the job done....what are they stupid or something?! Or did I have a rooten egg!?
Steph, I'm sure you know but if you BD every day, especially that many times during a 3-5 day window, you can actually lessen your chances. You should BD every other day. It gives your DH a chance to rebuild up his little guys supply. I hope you catch that eggie!

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