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November 30th, 2013, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by KC Drymalla View Post
Okay, call me Debbie Downer, but as a nurse, I can't in all good faith and in good conscience advise you to do a at home insemination. Muffin is right, you can cause all sorts of infections, not to mention you can accidently inject a air bubble into your vagina. It simply isn't safe. You should leave that up to the professionals as they have the proper tools/equipment to inseminate a woman safely.

Just please be really careful and talk with your doctor.

I am also a nurse and having been using the syringe method for 11 months without any issues and I have been advise by my OB along with several other Dr's that it is completely safe as long as we are using sterile syringes and cups. And as far as injecting an air bubble into the vagina,I have been told nothing will happen if that occurs. That being said we are not using a needle and injection the sperm directly past the cervix and into the uterus either, we are just inserting a sterile syringe without a needle into the vagina.

It is not everyone who can afford to see a Dr to have a professional do an insemination and I am living proof that if done using sterile syringes and cups it is safe.

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