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November 30th, 2013, 08:32 AM
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I'm so sorry for the long post ....

I'm starting to get nervous that my ovulation is messed up this month. We've been TTC for 10 months now. I have a regular 30 day cycle, and I normally ovulate around day 15. TMI sorry, but I always get a lot of EWCM, my cervix is always high/soft/open, and the OPK stick turns positive usually on day 13.

This is the first month I've started charting, and I know I should have started earlier.. but anyway.

I actually started charting day 25 of last cycle, because that was when I bought the thermometer. My temp was around 98.4-98.9 until the first day of this cycle, when it dropped to around 97.4 and has hovered around there ever since. So I figured everything would proceed normally, and after I O'd this month, I would get the rise in BBT and everything would be fine.

Well, it's now day 19 and still no rise in BBT. My husband and I had to take a non-planned trip last week, which included two days of flying and waking up at 3 AM. I'm wondering if this has affected my ovulation?

For the past week (starting around cycle day 12) I've had EWCM and a high/soft/open cervix. We've been DTD every other day, and with my new charting I really expected to see a rise in BBT on Wednesday (Cycle day 16). However, here it is day 19 and still nothing. I still have EWCM, my cervix is still high and open, etc, but the OPK hasn't turned positive yet. I'm afraid something is wrong. Could travel / stress have delayed my ovulation by a week or more?? It seems ovulation is going to happen any day, I'm just nervous as to why it is taking so long. I've never had a delayed or missed period in my life (I'm 26). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this lol
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