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November 30th, 2013, 10:32 AM
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For me eating healthy is easier because I make what we eat at home from scratch. I dont buy boxed, frozen processed or premade meals. I also allow the kids to help when they can and gets them involved and enjoy eating what 'they make' ect.

I think thats great that you are trying to drink healthy too, water and real juice is best. I am careful to read ingredients to make sure theres no sugar ect, and even the juice is very limited as its full of empty calories.

I saw on dr oz one time ways to eliminate soda, and he suggested to water it down either with water or carbonated water . it may help?

KUP on your progress , and be easy on yourself at first because you want this to be a way of eating forever not just for weight loss. allow yourself some special treats once a week and go from there when your cravings are far less.
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