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December 1st, 2013, 01:17 PM
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I havent even started Christmas shopping. We are keeping it small this year. Just MIL, Nieces, nephew, and little brother. I'm sending out Cards to everyone else this year as well on Wednesday. Collecting home address is not easy.

So I have to say this. I'm ANGRY! I'm so upset right now. My temp plummeted this morning and I have that feeling like I got my period but nothing there yet. I'm frustrated because I did everything I could this cycle, and all for nothing! I know it does not happen over night, but I hate putting in so much effort and trying to had, and then feeling like a failure. I'm thinking CD1 will be tomorrow, maybe Tuesday. I told my Dh, I better have a baby in my arms next Christmas! If I'm not pregnant by March, I may go see an OBGYN or two and just lie and say we have been TTC for a year so we can get things thing going! That's DH idea.
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